1 Game-Changing Cryptocurrency to Buy Before the Next Bull Run

Solana could produce 10x returns (or more) for long-term investors.

For better or worse, that type of volatility has become commonplace when dealing with crypto assets. Even so, the market has undeniably created tremendous wealth in a very short period. More importantly, every past downturn has ended with the market hitting a new high, meaning every past sell-off has been a buying opportunity.

A faster, cheaper alternative to Ethereum

In short, Solana is a faster, cheaper alternative to Ethereum, and that value proposition has piqued the interest of many developers. The blockchain features more than 1,500 projects, ranging from NFT marketplaces and video games to social media apps and decentralized finance (Defi) services. Solana actually ranks as the fifth-most-popular Defi ecosystem in the blockchain industry, with $7.22 billion invested on the platform. And the developer team recently introduced Solana Pay, a product that could further disrupt the finance industry.

Solana Pay could be a big deal

Moreover, because Solana Pay transactions are powered by the Solana blockchain — not banks, fintech, or credit card networks — they are settled immediately and cost a fraction of a cent. Those savings could have a big impact on a merchant’s bottom line. For instance, PayPal charges 3.49% per online transaction plus a fixed fee, meaning a merchant might earn $96 on a $100 sale. But with Solana Pay, that merchant would see more than $99.

Of course, there is a very long road between now and mainstream adoption. But in the month since Solana Pay went live, more than 600 merchants have engaged with the platform. Better yet, with the iOS app mtnPay.so, merchants can actually integrate Solana Pay with Block‘s (the company formerly known as Square) point-of-sale software. That catalyst could help the product catch fire in the coming months and years.

How big could Solana be?

How valuable? No one knows the future. But Solana currently has a market cap of $35.8 billion. If it were to surpass Ethereum — which currently has a market cap of $403 billion — investors would see 10x returns. Of course, Solana could eventually be much bigger than that. It all depends on the level of adoption the blockchain manages to achieve. But given the potential upside, I think it’s worth buying this beaten-down cryptocurrency.



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